Monday, November 24, 2008

Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar Animation Studios is a CGI animation production company based in Emeryville, California. The studio has earned over 20 Academy Awards and many other awards, acknowledgments and achievements. It is best known for its CGI-animated films created with the industry-standard Renderman software.

Key Figures:

Steve Jobs- Apple Founder, buys Lucasfilms Computer Division from George Lucas to form Pixar.

John Lasseter- Former Disney & Lucas animator, becomes primary Creative Director at Pixar.

Ed Catmull- Ran Lucasfilm's Computer Division, becomes President of Pixar.

Screening List:

Luxo Jr. (J. Lasseter, 1986)

Knick Knack (J. Lasseter, 1989)

Geri's Game (J. Pinkava, 1997)

Toy Story 2
(J. Lasseter, 1999)

For The Birds (R. Eggleston, 2000)

Monsters, Inc. (P. Docter, 2001)

Pixar Timeline:

1979- Graphics Group, a part of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm is created.

1984- John Lasseter leaves his job at Disney to work at Lucasfilm Computer Division.

1986- Lucasfilm's GG is purchased by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs for $10 million. Ed Catmull quits his job as head of Lucasfilm's Computer Division to co-found PIXAR. Luxo Jr. premieres.

1988- The short Tin Toy premieres.

1989- Tin Toy wins 1989 Academy Award for Best Short and becomes the 1st computer animated film to win an Oscar.

1991- Pixar and Disney team up to produce 3 feature animated films. Pixar makes the films and Disney distributes them.

1995- Toy Story is released, the 1st fully computer animated film.

1996- John Lasseter wins Special Achievement Academy Award for Leadership on Toy Story.

1997- Pixar and Disney sign a new agreement, superceding the old one, to jointly produce 5 animated features.

1998- A Bug's Life is released.

1999- Toy Story 2 is released. The first film to be entirely created mastered and exhibited digitally. It is also the first sequel to gross more than the original.

2001- Monsters, Inc. is released. Co-founder Ed Catmull named President. John Lasseter signs a 10 year exclusive contract.

2003- Finding Nemo released. It is the highest grossing animated film worldwide.

2004- The Incredibles is released. The 1st Pixar film to feature human characters in main roles, Little Nemo becomes the highest selling DVD of all-time.

2006- The Walt Disney Company purchases Pixar for $7.4 billion. Lasseter announces he will revive Disney's 2-D animation. Cars is released in June.

Cars (2006)

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